6 ‘C’s To Help You Crack A Job Interview

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6 ‘C’s To Help You Crack A Job Interview

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6 ‘C’s To Help You Crack A Job Interview

6 ‘C’s To Help You Crack A Job Interview

There is hardly a formula  that guarantee success in cracking every interview, but these pointers are ideal for each candidate to follow. These 6 Cs can help one stand-out as well as outstand from the rest of the talent pool.


  1. CONTENT- Resume are platform to candidate to showcase their past responsibilities. Educational qualification & achievements. With a short & succinct resume that is relevant to the job that one is applying for. It is possible to crack any career opportunities.


  1. CLARITY-  Clarity is the result  of preparation. Before attending an interview the candidate must take a time to make a list of questions & respective answers covering past responsibilities. The more one prepares, the more the clarity of thoughts.



  1. CONFIDENCE- More often than not, confident is by product to good content & clarity of thoughts, confidence can win 80% of battle as most employers look for candidates who can represent than across all form of business in market. The confidence to hold your ground coupled with the support of good content can be a game-changer.


  1. COMMUNICATION- Communication comprises verbal & non-verbal interactions. While verbal communication consists of diction, language fluency and choice of words, it forms a mere 20% of the communication spectrum. Nonverbal communication includes body language, appearance, voice and energy levels among other such intangible aspects. one needs to have a sense of command over both aspects so as to communicate effectively.
  2. CONVICTION- The first step towards convincing someone else that you are the right hire is to be convinced yourself. The more you believe in yourself, your abilities and your capacity to live up to the expectations of the job you are applying, higher your chances of cracking the interview.


  1. CONTACT: Once the interview is over, it is of almost importance for a candidate to touch base with the company and follow up about the interaction. While constant follow-ups are not advisable, gentle reminders once every two weeks could go a long way.

     Apart from the 6 C’s, you can increase your chances of getting your dream.

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