CSR Education

Our endeavour is to reach out every individual from the bottom of pyramid to scale up their talent and provide appropriate platform that leads to successful career. Certainly the task could not be carried out by single handed and we appeal support from the society to contribute their participation in best possible way.

Industry Speaker :- The need of the society is right direction and the real time career demonstration by the experienced professionals. We are proud to have great expertise on our panel from the area of Education, Manufacturing, Service, Finance and FMCG Industry sharing their success stories with our youth by Career Seminars, Motivational Speaks and by writing career blogs on mail. Even the Faculties from technical & vocational skills are sharing their valuable knowledge with our youth and that’s how our mission is leading today. Thanks every one for being part of us.

Still we are few, and welcoming all.

Study Material :- Today the society is believing enforcement to re-use by the needy one. Our appeal for student and the parent is to submit their used study material with us so that it can be re-used by the right hands.

Infrastructure Support :- Most of the educational institutions, corporate’s infra such as classrooms, computer labs, cabins etc are unfilled during the non pick time or in the afternoon. By sparing such infra for two or three hours shall be great support for us so we can extend our training support for the needy student.

Experience for Youth :- We support Retail, Manufacturing & service industries for their short term or temporary manpower requirement at junior level. The idea is to explore various industry cultures, work experiences during academic period so that helps candidate to choose the right industry for career.

Donation :- The society is welcome to participate in our mission by donating for student's Education or the skill development activities. The individual or corporate has the full right to propose their funding or to get the detailed report against the fund utilised.

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