About Us

About Company

SKILLING INDIA is working towards enhancing employability of our youth and makes them industry ready professions. Through we established our organisation recently, our learning and the experience over the past eight years, helped more than 3 Lack students for improving their study habits, comprehension, and the test-taking skills. As a result, these students have earned better test scores, grades, and grown in self-esteem with confidence, that resulted in best industry placements. We love celebrating those victories with our registered members and the network centers.

Our goal is to reach out every individual of the society to educate and strengthen their digitalisation ability and generate self employment especially in rural. We identify the skill set of our youth and encourage them towards getting self employed that helps creating employments. We do this through our unique and the most innovative & effective concept available under the brand “SKILLING INDIA”.

SKILLING INDIA is dedicated and committed to develop and increase needed skills in youth, making them industry ready and creating an environment for youth entrepreneurship.

SKILLING INDIA would like to train and develop youth network and to give prospective leaders the opportunity to gain knowledge of the essential skills to become innovative leaders and entrepreneurs.

As a first step towards this, we have initiated “Smart Employment Card” under our unique concept “SKILLING INDIA” that has life time validity and the support mechanism for all employability programs for the career aspirant. This includes Industry / Technology updates and the training, online evaluation and certification, Employment & Self Employment assistance.

We are inviting Smart Business Partners to establish our authorised center which shall be known as “Smart Employment Exchange” from each territory of Maharashtra as well as across India.

About Our Mission 

  • To promote digitalization
  • Provide Easy, Affordable and accessible education
  • Professional & Personal growth of our youth.
  • Create Employment especially in rural.