What do you think about Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations?

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What do you think about Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations?

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A festival to celebrate or culture and heritage, or an occasion that cause harm to the environment. What do you think about Ganesh Chaturthi?

Ganesh Chaturthi is here and not everyone is excited. Some revel in the festivities, the adorned Ganpati pandals, the hustle and bustle and the modaks!  But others don't see the festive spirit and believe that even Ganesh would get frustrated in the traffic and chaos that the occasion brings. Some also worry about the environmental damage that visarjans cause every year. Pollution has always been a sensitive subject when it comes to Ganpati celebrations. Noise pollution and disruption of daily activities has been another issues, especially for the city folk.

Ganeshutsav mandals are dominated by local politicians and small-time goons. The collection of contribution is sometimes done by coercion; a recent ruling by the Bombay High Court had termed it as such. An unfortunate common occurrence during Ganeshutsav is eve-teasing. Despite steps taken by the police, mandals and vigilant citizens, there are still enough instances for women to feel unsafe.

Another major issue is that of pollution. Many mandals put up loud speakers in their displays whose volume levels are often much beyond the prescribed limit of 65 decibels, causing sound pollution. The submergence of the idols made of plaster of Paris (which is insoluble) and synthetic colour damages the river eco-system. The Ganeshutsav also compounds traffic problems in cities which are already over-burdened. Displays are built on roadsides, and often encroach onto streets. The processions also create bottlenecks. This is the source of great inconvenience to commuters.

So what do you think about Ganesh Chaturthi? Do you think it's the people, and not the festival that's accountable? Do you think eco-friendly Ganpati's can stop this trend? Do you think stricter laws need to be in place to keep the festivities in check?

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