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Resumes are an important job search tool since they allow you to highlight your best and most relevant abilities and characteristics. Employers use resumes to make recruiting choices, and it can also help you secure your first interview after submitting a job application. If you are engaged in a job search, you may benefit from reviewing the layout of your resume and the content you choose to include in it. In this article, we examine the importance of a resume and provide practical tips that can help you in crafting an efficient resume.

In current industry trend there are several types of resume format that used as per the skills and the job profile, whereas most of the Job Seekers failed to identify which resume format should be better to suit their skills and how to write it in effective manner. As per the observation, almost 90%+ candidate use the Copy / Past method in which they really forget to remove the unnecessary things or irrelevant subjects.

Hereby, as an opportunity Skilling India has extended the service of Professional Resumes in Ten different format under candidate's profile that can be downloaded in one click. The formats are pre-designed and candidate just have to update their profile details and the resumes are ready to download. The candidate's have opportunity to select the format they like and can download even all formats and no further charges applicable. As per available market, designing of such resume itself has been charged Rs. 500+ for single format and being a part of Skilling India member, candidate may download such 10 different format that helps to enhance their employment opportunities.


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