The Prosperity and the Happiness of Life

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The Prosperity and the Happiness of Life

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DIWALI, One of the most favorite, most enjoyable, sacred and loveliest festival of our life. Every year we celebrate with great joy and enthusiasm across India as well as overseas. It is known as the festival of Light, Festival of Sweets, Festival of Crackers and the Festival of Enjoyment.

This DIWALI, Lets promise ourselves to have each our day filled with Diwali lights, the sweets, crackers of enjoyment and the lot more.


The simple mantra to get these things in our life is – just take care of these rules.

  1. Respect each of your relations and gain the blessings.
  2. Respect yourself and focus on your health and career.
  3. Respect each Rules – it may be rules of life or may be traffic that we abandon the most.
  4. Respect and Love each leaving and non-leaving creature of universe.
  5. Respect “The Rule of ROHA” (Be Reliable, Be Open-hearted, Be Honest, Be Adaptable)

The Prosperity and the Happiness of life is when you wins the most precious thing of our life... ie. 'THE HEART'. Try this for a week – You will find yourself the most happiest and enjoyable person in your eyes as well as in the other’s.

Being an author, I am going to follow this and would like to call all my associates, Skilling India members to Like and Share this post in your network and bring the Rules of ROHA… in our life.

Wishing You a Happy Diwali


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