Make Your Daily To-Do List Manageable By Organizing

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Make Your Daily To-Do List Manageable By Organizing

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Make Your Daily To-Do List Manageable By Organizing

Make Your Daily To-Do List Manageable By Organizing

Daily To-Do lists are effective whether you dictate them into a thousand- dollar Smartphone or scribble them on the back of a crusty old envelope. They are one of the most perfect productivity tools ever created.

Prioritizing was painful. Sometime you have to drop cherished goals, or even renegotiate commitments made to cherished people, when you break job down into basic parts, its easier to fly through it.

Best practice is to review your to-do list each night for the following day. With the single-minded ferocity of the Terminator, assign each item to one of four categories:

Pound It Out-

Decide what you can get done in five minutes. I plow through  this minutes the same night I review tomorrow to do list, Usually they're things I can handle through email--I need to share this thought with that person; I need to make this introduction to so-and-so etc.

Postpone Until Later-

Don’t cluster tasks on your way. Some tasks would definitely have to be postponed to the next day. You can’t do all things in one day. You can’t chase two rabbits at the same time. Both will escape

Appoint A Proxy-

Delegation is a lot harder than merely assigning one or more of your commitments to someone else. It can seem crazily counterintuitive. For one thing, the other person probably has plenty on their table, too, and it can be awkward to ask them to pick up your slack.


Occasionally, a project will pop up that's not integral to my company's success, but that for one reason or another felt important when I added it to the list. Now that it's creating superfluous pressure and anxiety, I delete it. I kiss it goodbye forever; I accept that it's not getting done. If it organically pops back onto my radar a couple months later, fine.

You're Confident That You Can Handle Whatever Life Floods You With. There's A Fine Line Between "Up To Your Neck" And "In Over Your Head," However. Master Your To-Do List Now, Before The Water Rises.

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