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Out beyond ideas of right doing or wrong doing there is a field.

Fear is future orientation. It is imagining what could go wrong but hasn’t could wrong yet. Fear is running a mental movie of the worst-case scenario repeatedly in your mind.

Tips for Awesome future

Choose Spiral Upward-

Own your strength, gifts & unique talents. Acknowledge all that you have to offer the world. Know that you are wiser than you are think you are. You are unlimited. Love and value yourself. Talk yourself into greatness.

Witness Your fear-

Write your fear down in your journal, what are your fears trying tell you? Hear them out. What kind of action step can you take to quite your fear? Do what you need to do & release the rest. In order to get something new, you must fundamentally change  hoe you think, feel & act.

Know the cost of fear-

Fear causes stress that affects our health, our decision making process  & our freedom.  Its just focus on a positive outcomes as it is negative one. We can choose to learn from suffering & pain or joy & inspiration.

Challenge Your Thoughts-

Don’t get carried away in the web of fear-thinking. Stop exaggerating your problems. Look for hidden benefits, solution & blessings.

Invest in Faith-

Trust that the Universe has your back. Trust that everything will work out as it should. Believe in a future you can’t experience with your senses. Have faith in a future you cannot see. There is immense power in this.

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