Importance of Professional Grooming and Tips to Stand Out

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Importance of Professional Grooming and Tips to Stand Out

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Importance of Professional Grooming and Tips to Stand Out

First impressions are lasting. The way you look and carry yourself, create an impact on people around you. Lack of etiquettes may lead to poor image and may hinder your chance of forming a good impression on your colleagues and superiors. Good grooming is integral, but professional grooming is a must. If you don’t look the part, no one will want to give you time or money. Just by looking at your professional attire, people can form an impression about your degree of professionalism. In short, what you choose to wear, conveys how you want others you perceive you on a professional level. Business Formal, Business Professional, Business Casual, and Casual Dressing. Here are some professional grooming tips that will help you stand out in your office

Always be prim and proper. Keep your teeth, fingernails, face, and hair, neat and clean.

Your hair should be clean and current with a flattering cut. If coloured, it should be neutral shade, without obvious re-growth. Facial hair, if any, should be clean and neatly maintained.

Consider having a fresh, light cologne for the daytime and work hours, and a more full-bodied scent for afterhours. If fragrance is worn, it should be subtle.

Wear business suits in basic colours like Navy Blue, Charcoal Grey, Light Grey, Dark Brown, and Classic Jet Black.

Make sure your footwear is clean, polished, and in a good condition. Also, choose shoes that are current and trending like Oxfords, Derby or Brogues.

Use a portfolio case or light briefcase while carrying important documents. You can also compile these documents in a lightweight folder.

Keep your pockets empty and as much as possible avoid tinkling coins, keys, pens or any other bulges.

Avoid eating candies, smoking cigarettes and chewing gum when you are inside the office. In case you want to do any of these things, take a break and do it outside the office premises.

Do not blindly copy others. Create a style of your own for others to follow you. Be a role model by achieving an ideal professional appearance and grooming for the office.

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