Career Opportunities in the Media & Advertising Industry

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Career Opportunities in the Media & Advertising Industry

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Career Opportunities in the Media & Advertising Industry

The technological advancements in the digital world have kept the media and advertising industry continuously evolving. From the printing press, to radio, to TV, and the internet, each innovation has revolutionized and altered how individuals engaged with new concepts, products, and brands

Advertising- Advertising is for people with a creative flair. No matter what designation you go after, you must be creative. Whether you want to be a Copywriter who thinks about the right words for ads – writes headlines, catchphrases, jingles, etc. or work as a Client Servicing Executive who deals directly with the client and manages his multi-media campaign. No matter what position you choose, you must be able to think on your feet and be fast. In an advertising agency, you can’t just sit back in an AC office, stare out of the window and hope for the best. You must constantly come up with innovative out-of-the-box ideas.

Journalism- Journalism is a career option that will never die. If there are stories to cover, there are job opportunities in journalism. Besides that, it will open your eyes to the world as you uncover the truth as a journalist. The fun part includes discovering new stories, meeting unique people and travelling to various destinations. If you want to make a career in journalism, then you must be as curious as a child. As a journalist, you must remember that this world is not always about glitter and glamour. You must work hard, meet strict deadlines, and be present even at odd hours.

Broadcast Media-

There is always a need for fresh blood to keep the wheel moving in the Broadcast Media industry. You can either become a Cinematographer or a Screenwriter or take control in your hands by becoming an Art Director. You can work for a film, do a web-series, work for daily soaps, be on a radio, or even work for OTT platforms. As of now, there is a scarcity of well-versed career-ready professionals, who are armed with the right form of education in the mechanics of digital content creation. So, you better buck up! Opportunities for freshers are unlimited.

Corporate Communication


As a profession, Corporate Communications is rapidly gaining its ground. There are large corporations/organizations who sometimes struggle to disseminate a message about their product, business plan, or marketing campaign in a focused manner. Your job as a Corporate Communication Manager will be to bring that focus to the table. If you plan to create a career in this field, then you must be very good at consumer communication, marketing communications, and advertising communication

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