If Career Success Seems Far Away, Just Bridge The Distance To It

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If Career Success Seems Far Away, Just Bridge The Distance To It

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If Career Success Seems Far Away, Just Bridge The Distance To It

You’ve finally made the most life-defining choice there is. You’ve picked the career you want to make your mark in, You’ve dreamt of success and know you possess the drive and passion to achieve it. You’re willing to work as hard as it takes and acquire all the skill sets needed.

If you’re not among those unfortunate ones and do get the job you dream of, all seems well and good. Until suddenly, somewhere along the way, you realize that your career trajectory is not what you wanted it to be. You see some opportunities slip by you while others seem to capitalize on them. You realize they possess that ‘something extra’ which you currently don’t. This manifests in many ways at work.

The problems you may not see coming-

You’re passed up for that promotion you think you deserve

You’re told you don’t possess an essential skill set essential to move to the next level

You find yourself unable to handle certain situations like some others can

You seem unsure of your ability to do justice to a certain job

You take longer to adapt to some new responsibilities

You are uncomfortable in the spotlight at work and in your comfort zone

You realize you need a degree or a certification to proceed in your career

To your chagrin, you realize you now have a gap you need to bridge, a new requirement you need to fully commit your effort and time to.

Whether you’re about to start your career or have already committed to it, taking valuable time off work to focus on invaluable skills is neither a simple nor an easy decision. The benefits of what you gain are difficult to offset by the time you lose in your career path.

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