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Make sure of preparing yourself for the audition of strengths that will match the role.

Recently, a Dubai based general manager contacted me to take a quick crash course coaching on cracking the interviews. He had an interesting tale. Raman freezes when the most dreaded question is asked in interviews. "So, tell me about yourself." Raman was perplexed when he was asked this usual seemingly regular question. "What do I respond to this? My life story? My childhood? Recent job? And I cannot keep going on and on. Right?" A few weeks later, I was at IIM Raipur to conduct a very similar workshop on " Managing self in the corporate world." In one of the role plays, a student kept narrating his tiny-tales of life. So much so, that I had to intervene and ask about the length of his response. Sudhir was even more perplexed. He feels that it is an obligation to respond at length when someone asks about you. "What do I do ma'am.?" Sudhir was standing clueless and bit embarrassed.

The situation is similar to many corporate strategy meetings. The head of the department or at times, of the organisation, keeps a rule. Each member of the meeting has to contribute. One of my clients did narrate a horror story. The head of the department made a rule that each person has to speak, no matter what the content is, in the "Growth hacks of this year" meeting. They were supposed to make pointers about these. After a while, the entire board room was a war cry. Each one brought out a reason to debate but there was hardly any solution. The grievances came out rolling and most of the time, it was baseless too.

I often see this tricky situation in my communication and strategy making workshops and personal sessions. Most people actually do communicate without a point. Points are not facts or notions. They are your thought process with a clear basis of what needs or could be done. Are you making that kind of points in your interview? So how do you respond to this million-dollar, so to say, kind of question?

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