Web Designing for Beginners (Hindi)

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Web Designing for Beginners (Hindi)

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Web Designing for Beginners (Hindi)

Opportunit for Digital Smart Employment Card members to improve basic skills of web designing tools. The course is listed in Hindi so that all rural members can avail this opportunity. The validity of course is life time. The containt of course reviesed every after three month.

The course contains below topics

  1. Web Designing & Development Courses
  2. Install Visual Studio
  3. Material CSS tutorial
  4. Text & Background Clolour
  5. Button in Materialize CSS
  6. Floating Button in Materialize css
  7. Fixed Action Button in Materialize css
  8. Fixed Action part-2
  9. Navigation Bar in Materialize css
  10. Responsive Navbar in material css
  11. Dropdown Button in Material css
  12. Google Material Icons
  13. Awesome Side Navigation
  14. Collection and Lists in Materialize css
  15. Styling List
  16. Grid Layout in Materialize css
  17. Responsive Grid layout with images
  18. Cards in Materialize css
  19. Card panel in material css
  20. Shadow in material css
  21. Footer Design in Material css
  22. Styling Forms in Materialize css
  23. Advanced Form Styling in Materialize css
  24. Toast Message
  25. Carousel in Material css
  26. Responsive Table & Image
  27. Image Slider in Material css
  28. Chips & Pagination in Material css
  29. Tooltip in Material CSS
  30. Material box in Materialize css
  31. Modal in Materialize css
  32. Parallax effect in Materialize css
  33. Tabs in Materialize css
  34. Collapsible in Material CSS
  35. PHP Course Introduction
  36. Learn PHP Course
  37. What is HTTP Server
  38. Execution of PHP Code
  39. Setup for php
  40. First code in PHP
  41. Comments in php
  42. Variables in PHP
  43. String in PHP
  44. Operators and Data Types in PHP
  45. Operator in PHP
  46. Print and Echo in PHP
  47. Conditional statement in PHP
  48. Numbers Program in PHP
  49. Switch statement in php
  50. Installing XAMPP in windows
  51. Array in PHP
  52. Multi-Dimension array in php
  53. Associative Array in PHP
  54. Functions in PHP
  55. Different types of function in PHP
  56. Material CSS project
  57. Global variables in PHP
  58. Include Other files in PHP
  59. Redirection in PHP
  60. GET and POST Method
  61. Login System in PHP
  62. PhpMyAdmin Crash Course
  63. Basic SQL Commands
  64. PHP Database connection
  65. Selecting Data from database with php
  66. Insert Database with PHP
  67. Updating data in Database using PHP
  68. Database with PHP from scratch
  69. Date and Time in PHP
  70. Functionality in PHP
  71. Encrypt password in PHP
  72. Make a Admin Panel
  73. Cookies in PHP
  74. CMS from scratch in PHP
  75. Side Navigation designing
  76. Designing for CMS in PHP

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