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The primacy effect is an ability to summon up information at the initial level. In psychology, it is defined as an involuntary bias that results in retaining information that a person has come across first compared to the ones that he gains access at a later stage. In business, it is described as the tendency of the hiring manager or the human resource department or the interviewer to rely on the cues that he sees at the initial stage for garnering viable first impressions about the interviewee

The primacy effect is often described as a performance evaluator as it nudges the employer in either a positive or negative direction based on first impressions. It is a mental thing more than a physical aspect and often has a direct as well as indirect impact on the decision-making process of an interviewer in an organization. It also affects our experiences and how we deal with them.

It is a fact that if you want to remember certain things, then it is imperative to see, use or write it at the beginning or try repeating it at regular intervals as it will stand out. Never put it in the middle as the chances of its recall becomes very slim. It is cognitive bias and is related to the primacy effect that will encourage the tendency of a human being to relate easily to the memory storage system via rehearsing and paying attention.

The serial position effect is a well-known and prevalent phenomenon, where one is asked to recall information from memory. It came into light in the latter part of the nineteenth century in the 1890s and deals with various times of reminding information. The primacy effect deals with the early stage and explains that it is generally easy for a person to remember things initially.

The primacy effect has established a well-developed connection with the memory banks of a human being. As per the researchers, there are two separate systems related to memory at work and the primacy effect is because of long-term memory banks in the human brain. It emphasis a proven point that the human mind keeps on rehearsing until the items or things on the list enter long-term memory and the primacy effect revolves around this fact.

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