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They do not put any effort to think creatively. It comes automatically.

Now an obvious question arises in your mind that is what creative thinking is?

What is Creative Thinking?

Creative thinking is the ability to create or formulate new things and ideas which can be any kind of artwork, any concept, any method, any solution, or even any gadget. Creative thinking is about “thinking outside the box”

Everything comes with creativity and inspiration. Even the people you know who are billionaires are creative creatures.

Any person who has a fresh perspective towards a particular thing is different from any usual perception. Musicians, artists, engineers, business tycoons, entrepreneurs, and several people like them are creative thinkers. One cannot copy anything; everyone has their way of creativity.

Generally, people think it’s hard to be so creative like well-known personalities, but it’s not. Anyone can be creative; all you need is a different way of thinking

Lateral thinking is one of the means of creative thinking to take a path that isn’t much obvious. Trying to be unorthodox and creative, your perspectives can be another definition of being creative.

Example of Creative Thinking-

Creative writing- If you are a writer, try to be creative. Any writer, poet, author, novelist or even a journalist should work on writing creatively. Nowadays, creative writers are high in demand. Any graphic design company, marketing company or any other, everyone desires to hire a creative writer for their company.


Communication skills are something everyone should be good at. Let’s assume a person is a topper in his academia yet a lousy speaker; this will make her/him suffer. Communication helps you create a better impression in front of people around you. It is one of the creative ways that you can use in your workplace


Don’t be an orthodoxy who always tries to take the path as others. Try to accept challenges, and when you become open-minded, you become creative. You always look for different solutions than those who follow orthodoxly. Try to oppose stereotypes instead of becoming a narrow-minded person


How to Improve your Creative Thinking?

Keep working even if you feel uninspired- Numerous distractions are roaming around you, don’t let them hit you. It often happens to a writer when a writer’s block distracts her/him from his path. Procrastination and Writer’s block are two different things. Procrastination is when you keep on delaying any task due to your laziness or less interest in it. On the other hand, Writer’s block is when you want to write, but you can’t find any word to initiate. There can be weeks where you don’t feel like writing anything. And on those days, try to work, work for short periods, but keep on working. And don’t let anyone distract you; don’t get indulged in any other work than this.

Leave your Comfort Zone-We know that it’s tough for a person to choose a path of struggle instead of staying in their comfort area. But you know, it’s for your benefit, you get to know yourself better. The more you try new, the more creative it gets, every time. The comfort zone makes you lazy and a bit less productive

Work, enjoy, dream, work-

Keep your mind fresh and relax when you are at work. You don’t have to worry too much about it; you should create your own space

Try to work with full effort and when you relax, try to relax all your muscles. Enjoying and relaxing should be a part of your daily routine. It is better if you work and daydream and then continue to work. Dreaming, napping or even dancing helps you in enhancing the creative side of your brain. There are several works which can give you a headache, so the better way to tackle it is relaxing

Brainstorm-Brainstorming is a way to generate ideas for solving any problem.

This method includes an association that encourages creative thinking and creates a free-thinking environment. It’s about containing groups of people and asking them for a solution regarding any problems. This teamwork and combination of creative thinkers give us a method named brainstorming.


Open-Mindedness- Creative thinkers can think in a different and novel way. Keep aside your assumptions and look for things utterly new way. When a problem arises, try to deal with it with an open mind. Give yourself a chance to think creatively

Analysis-The first rule of creative thinking is to listen first and try to understand it very well. Do not jump into the conclusion. To understand the things you need to have to the quality of examining things minutely, carefully to understand what exactly it wants to say.

Problem-Solving-Not every employer is the same. Every employer wants to hire creative thinkers so that they can bring changes in the organization. The employer wants creative thinkers who will help them to solve problems

Communication- One will appreciate your creativity if you can communicate well with them and make them understand well about your idea. To make other people understand, you should have strong oral and written skills.

Final Thoughts!

Analyzing things in your ways and trying to tackle it with new solutions is creative thinking.

So keep on moving and being creative.

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