India’s first district-wise Covid-19 tracker

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India’s first district-wise Covid-19 tracker

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The students of Mahindra Ecole Centrale, an engineering college in Hyderabad created India’s first live, district-wise COVID-19 tracker which can even be installed as a mobile app. The website uses data from credible sources like official health websites and news outlets which is then thoroughly crosschecked by a group of students and marked on the website map.

As far as reports go, CovIndia is India’s only district-wise Covid-19 tracker. It could prove helpful for people travelling within the country in avoiding virus-prone zones and would also help the authorities to mobilize resources more efficiently.

The website was developed primarily by Raghav NS (3rd year), Ananta Srikar (1st year) and Rishab Ramanathan (1st year) under the guidance of the faculty.

How will the district-wise Covid-19 tracker help people?

While there is sufficient country-wise information available on the Coronavirus spread from websites tracking the number of Covid-19 cases across the world, there was some dearth of information on individual districts of India.

The new district-wise Covid-19 tracker will help people in India get very precise information regarding their district and the neighboring ones, says Raghav.

"The government also stands to benefit greatly from this data as it can decide on the relief measures to be taken in a more precise fashion," he adds.

The rich dataset being created by the website would lastly help the whole scientific community who is studying the Coronavirus pandemic by giving them the resources to do correlation studies with respect to weather conditions and number of cases to predict the future spread of Covid-19.

As Raghav says: "Any dataset with such precise and well-curated information is priceless."

Where does India's first district-wise Covid-19 tracker get its data from?

The live district-wise Covid-19 tracker updates the number of Coronavirus cases in various districts of India almost in real time which is very important to keep track of how fast the Coronavirus is spreading.

"We use Artificial intelligence to retrieve the relevant information as quickly as possible and use Human Intelligence (student volunteers) to ensure that all data is verified before we claim a new case has been reported," he says.

But how do they ensure that there is no false reporting of Coronavirus cases?

"To ensure no false reporting, we give the links to our sources and also encourage our users to report any error in our data. Our goal is to provide detailed data as live as possible, without spreading false information," he explains.

What all information does the Coronavirus tracker provide?

CovIndia has a neat and clean layout giving live district-wise information. But a big attraction of the website is the time-lapse feature where people can see how corona is spreading geographically, all over India.

The website also provides the standard statistics which almost everyone provides such as -- total number of reported cases, state-wise distribution etc.

"We will be adding more data on the number of tests that have been done in India soon as it is a very important statistic to understand the situation," he says, on the plans in process to add more information on the website.

"In addition, we plan to do research analysis to see if we can predict the spread of Corona and help prevent further spread there through preventive measures," Raghav adds.

Kudos to the Mahindra Ecole Centrale students for creating such a vital resource for India during the Coronavirus outbreak!

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