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Assertive communication is a way to put forward your values without hurting anyone else

 It is the best type of communication which helps you to put forward your opinion without being misunderstood by the person in front.

By adept use of the Assertive Communication Skills, you will be able to raise your voice for your rights (and other’s rights) without being aggressive. Such a form of communication is quite useful in reducing stress, drama, and conflicts.

While addressing the power of being assertive, Doreen Virtue once said-

Once you have a major success with assertiveness, you learn that it’s a much healthier path than being a doormat to the insensitive folks. You gain respect for yourself, have more time for your priorities, and develop authentic and healthier relationships

What is Assertive Communication?-

Assertive communication is something that leads to a win-win situation.

It is all about putting your views while respecting other’s opinions and beliefs. It is taking a stand for your own while not undermining the needs of the other. It is the balance between aggressive and passive communication. The aggressive form of communication hurts feelings and fractures relations while on the other hand, a passive form of communication leads to stress, negative feel, and resentment. With Assertive communication, you will be able to resolve both of these issues with quite ease and effectiveness. So, all in all, assertive communication enables you to demand respect without being disrespectful in any way.


Assertive communication has the significance of its own. Following are some of them

What are the Notable Characteristics of Assertive Communication-

Eye contact

This leads you to talk to the opposite person directly with a clear vision and demonstrates sincerity


Positive body language increases the listener’s interest also. It helps to draw the opposite person’s attention.

Body postures

A confident upright body posture helps the expression of confidence and self-esteem


Right toning and clear voice pull in the attention of the opposite person. And it helps to express your views clearly.


A proper judgment to point out the timing helps to express the views adequately.


Incorporating the right content in your discussion/debate and putting that forward at the right time is quite critical in assertive communication.

In addition to these characteristics, three Cs play a significant role in assertive communication

How to master Assertive Communication Skills-

Have the right tone-

While having assertive communication, you must opt for the right toning skills when you put forward your opinion.

Have will to continue the discussion to find the solution-

A discussion or conversation can only productive and constructive if it reaches the final solution.

Assertive communication ensures this, but you need to have the will to continue the discussion positively and respectfully, so everyone likes to participate in the conversation.

Pay heed upon the nonverbal communication-

Gesture, posture, body language, reactions, listening cues, etc. play significant roles in assertive communication, and you need to be mindful of those as well.

Such gestures and postures should never translate into passive or aggressive forms of communication.

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