3 Ways Social Media has Changed Business Forever

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3 Ways Social Media has Changed Business Forever

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3 Ways Social Media has Changed Business Forever

Man is a social animal, and for centuries he has relied on communication to strengthen his relationships with everyone. Interacting with friends and family across long distances has always been a concern for him. So, he invented various instruments to solve this problem. He began by writing letters, then he invented the telegraph, fax machine, telephone, radio, television, mobile phones, internet, and now we have social media.

Let us understand various ways in which social media has changed the world of business forever

Social media changed the communication-

Social media has broadened marketing landscapes by making it possible for customers to directly communicate with companies without thinking about aspects like time and distance. Today, companies must deal with customers that no longer just want to be talked to. Instead, they want companies to listen, engage and respond appropriately

Social media helped marketers to get instant data-

Social media has allowed marketers to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about a wide array of customers. Publicly sourced information offers a new reference of data to researchers and marketers. With every post, conversation and site or app visit, users leaves behind pieces of information about themselves. This data goes beyond simple demographic information to robust details like preferences, psychology, intent, emotions, activities, and social networks.

Social media invented a new breed of influencers-

Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok has enabled a common man to become an influential personality. Companies now no longer need to hire expensive celebrities to endorse their brand/ product/ service. They can simply hire an influencer and reach out to millions who are interested in their brand/ product/ service. The influencers create interaction between the brand and the audience, which often goes far beyond what can be achieved through standard product placement.

The bottom line is that if a business wants to be successful in the foreseeable future, they must think about investing in social media. With careful planning, collaboration, research and a hefty dose of creativity, social media platforms can help businesses achieve their marketing goals.

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