About Us

About Us
“Skilling India” functioning towards enhancing employability of our youth and make them industry ready professionals.
Over the past eight years, our team has helped more than 5000 students for improving their study habits, comprehension, and the test-taking skills. As a result, these students have earned better test scores, grades, and grown in self-esteem with confidence, that resulted in best industry placements. We love celebrating those victories with our students. 

Our Goal
Our goal is to reach out every individual of the society to educate and strengthen their digitalisation ability to generate self employment especially in rural areas. The need is to identify the skill set of our youth and encourage them towards getting self employed, that helps creating employments.  We do this through our unique and the most efficient evaluation concept available for all domain. 

Our Mission

  • Assess skill gap among youth
  • Provide affordable & accessible training
  • Personal & professional growth of youth
  • ​Placements for betterment of career
  • Promote Digitalisation.

Our Targets

  • To support Education Institutions for Student's Exit part.
  • To Support candidate with Industry Placements.
  • Provide Recruitment solution to the Industry.

Our Appeal

We request all educational institutions & organisation to believe us and be part of our socially driven activity to get our youth under one roof.  


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